Vivagrande (so far 232-x)


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Aromatic cocktail tomato with well-balanced sweet and tart flavor.



Classic red beef tomato for cooking or in sandwiches.

Mid-season ripening.

Very robust, low-growing plant with medium foliage density.

Compact, strong young seedlings.

Seeds with the same rights and obligations for all

By acquiring or opening the packet of these plant seeds you accept, by way of an agreement, the provisions of a licence agreement where no costs shall be incurred to you. You especially undertake not to limit the use of these seeds and their enhancements, for instance by making a claim to plant variety rights or patent rights on the seeds’ components. You shall pass on the seeds, and propagations obtained therefrom, to third parties only on the terms and conditions of this licence. You will find the exact licensing provisions at If you do not wish to accept these provisions, you need to refrain from acquiring and using these seeds.

Product Attributes

  • Fruit color:
    • Red
  • Fruit weight:
    • 200 g
  • Fruit ripening:
    • Late
  • Admission:
    • Amateursorte
  • Scientific name:
    • Lycopersicon esculentum
  • Licence:
    • Open Source