Paprika Madame Paraplü (CA44)


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Decorative sweet pepper to snack on, especially for balcony with very unique look.

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‘Madame Paraplü‘ emerged from a cooperation between
Culinaris and Philipp Lammer in south-eastern Austria. The variety was bred as an ornamental and sweet pepper especially for balcony gardens. From early in the year the leaves show a decorative marbling. As they ripen, the fruits then provide a
colourful firework display: initially green and white stripes, the small truncated conical fruits turn yellow and orange until they finally reach full maturity with red and brown stripes.
Low requirement of fertilization and watering, grow sunny and well-ventilated outdoor or protected
Afer first foliage leaf transplant into pot. Underpin might be usefull.



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Fruit color

Brown, Orange, Red, Yellow

Fruit ripening


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Packet with 1000 seeds, Packet with 15 seeds, Packet with 250 seeds, Packet with 50 seeds

Scientific name

Capsicum annuum


Amateur variety

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