Our work

C U L I N A R I S – Seeds for Food is the young initiative for organic seeds. The focus of our selection is on varieties that thrive well under low-input conditions and is mainly based on the conditions in the amateur sector (house gardens, balconies, self-sufficiency). However, vegetable growers with direct marketing will also find suitable varieties in the C U L I N A R I S range. With our range of seeds, we are particularly targeting businesses that market young plants.

Most of our varieties emerged as favorites from extensive sightings, are fine rarities or new breeds! Many of these varieties originally come from private conservation, from initiatives, from gene banks or were developed in the context of research projects.

One focus of our work is in the field of field tomatoes. Great progress has been made there in recent years, so that growing tomatoes outdoors can once again be a pleasure in this country.

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