Poromeo (Fresno)


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Hot spicy pepper with numerous, medium-sized fruits resembling pointed caps.

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Poromeo (Fresno) is an early-ripening, high-yielding hot pepper suitable for growing out of doors.
The pointed fruit start out green and ripen to a beautiful dark red, reaching a length of about 7cm.
This variety’s highly aromatic fruit are given a hotness rating of 5, making them great for cooking, frying, filling or pickling. These peppers also do well dehydrated or dried in the oven and then pulverized to make a fantastic kitchen spice.
Plants are compact and ideal for pots or  containers. We recommend staking the plants for extra stability.

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Amateur variety

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Packet with 1000 seeds, Packet with 15 seeds, Packet with 250 seeds, Packet with 50 seeds

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Capsicum annuum

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