Winter lettuce Humil


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Light green head lettuce with tender, firmly layered leaves and strong buttery character for spring and overwinter cultivation.

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A real old-fashioned butterhead lettuce.

Mid-sized, bright green heads with few outer leaves that need removing before eating. Heads have a creamy heart and dense, beautifully filled bodies. Overall pronounced buttery qualities are a pleasant surprise for most gardeners!

Humil is intended for early cultivation outdoors or for overwintering. If overwintering, direct seed at the end of August or transplant in mid-October. Make sure that the top of the transplant’s soil plug is even with the soil itself. Salads will overwinter with about 8 true leaves. Snow provides the best protection. Hard frosts without snow cover can be dangerous. In this case, cover lettuces with thin remay (fleece) or protect with straw—but wait to do this until as late as possible, after Christmas is best.

Further information: Salate im Freiland überwintern

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enough for at least 1000 plants, is enough for at least 500 plants, sufficient for min. 50 plants


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Lactuca sativa

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