Koriander Arata


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Aromatic coriander that is suitable for leaf and seed use.

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In variety trials in 2021 this coriander emerged as the favorite. The variety has vigorous growth and can
be cultivated almost all year round. With regular harvesting/cutting, fresh green growth occurs several
times. However, if not cut you are rewarded first with fragrant flowers that are very popular with insects and later with seeds ofr the spice rack. . Arata means “freshness” in Japanese and that is exactly what we associate with this coriander. In salads, stews or even in herb quark, this coriander enriches (almost) every meal (if you like coriander!). The variety can also be precision drilled, which means it can be grown particularly early and saving on seed use.

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1,5 g

Scientific name

Coriandrum sativum


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